Worcestershire History


Worcestershire was the heartland of the early English kingdom of the Hwicce. Absorbed by the Kingdom of Mercia during the 7th century and then by the unified Kingdom of England from 927 to 1707.

Worcestershire was the site of the Battle of Evesham in which Simon de Montfort was killed. In 1642 the first major skirmish of the Civil War, the Battle of Powick Bridge, on the River Teme close to Worcester, occurred when a cavalry troop of about 1,000 Royalists commanded by Prince Rupert, defeated a Parliamentary cavalry detachment. Worcestershire was again the focus of the Civil War when it was effectively ended by Cromwell's victory at the Battle of Worcester on 3 September 1651.

In 1974 the county was merged with Herefordshire to form a large single administrative county of Hereford and Worcester which in 1998 was reverted to the original historical counties.